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Let DZ Make it Easy!

Let DZ Make it Easy!

Our Process

Our low moisture, environmentally friendly three step cleaning sets us apart from ordinary carpet cleaners! "Steam cleaning" can leave behind excess moisture that can leave carpets wet for days and even cause mold or mildew to form in the backing of the carpet. With our system you can rest easy, knowing that your carpet will be thoroughly dry in just a few hours.

Step One

The first step is a thorough vacuuming. This removes any loose dirt or debris from the carpet fibers so our chemicals can focus on the deep, stuck on soils.

Step Two

Next we apply a light coating of our environmentally friendly encapsulating chemical, which breaks the chemical bonds between the soil and the individual carpet fibers.

Step Three

After giving the encapsulant a few minutes to work into the carpet, we use a hot bonnet and industrial floor machines to scrub the loosened soil out of the carpet. After two passes your carpet is left clean, fresh, and almost dry to the touch.

Our Services



This is our standard and most popular service. Before beginning our 3 step encapsulation cleaning, we move any freestanding furniture off of the carpet, except for electronics and excessively heavy pieces. After cleaning we replace everything on plastic tabs to allow the carpet to quickly and properly dry.



Want our 3 step cleaning process at the best possible price? Our express service means we clean all open areas without moving furniture. Empty or lightly furnished rooms will get the most savings from this option which makes it a great choice when moving in or out of a new home.



Did Fido leave you a surprise? Maybe someone tracked tar or gum onto your rug? We have solutions for many of life's unexpected soils. Using ordinary household solvents can lock in stubborn stains and leave unwanted residue in the carpet fibers. So before you try everything under the kitchen sink give us a call!

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Our Story

DZ Carpet Cleaning was founded in 2013 by Doug Zegel Jr. After working in the industry for a few years using various cleaning systems, Doug took what he had learned and ventured out on his own with the goal of delivering the best possible cleaning service with a professional and friendly customer experience. By using new technology and equipment DZ Carpet Cleaning is able to deliver amazing results that last, all while offering competitive pricing.

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